Connecting Your Business to CSA: Farm Fresh Workplaces


Farm Fresh Workplaces

Make your employees and workplace healthier and our local economy stronger. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is an arrangement between a farmer and the customer, where you buy a subscription, to a local farm in advance of the season. The farmer uses the much needed up-front funds for seeds and supplies to grow the food. In return, the farmer delivers your weekly “share” of the harvest throughout the season to a common drop spot.

Farm Fresh Workplaces are businesses that have 5 or more employees sign up for a CSA  to one farm and in turn, the farmer delivers your shares directly to your workplace. There are many ways businesses can make this happen, from allowing an enthusiastic employee coordinate and set up your Farm Fresh Workplace to subsidizing the cost of CSAs for employees as part of your wellness program.


There are many benefits!

A healthier workplace
  • Ultra-fresh veggies that have traveled from just down the road
  • Super nutritious food that was picked at its peak ripeness
  • Exploring new veggies and food never tried before
Happier connected employees
  • Increased camaraderie, swapping veggies & sharing recipes
  • Cost savings on high-value food
  • Shared meals after boxes are delivered
Better For Our Farmers
  • There are no middlemen so farmers get highest margins
  • Getting funds early in the season relieve cash flow stress
  • Farmers can get to know and connect directly with you!
A strong local economy
  • Money stays and is recirculated here!
  • More local businesses are supported
  • A thriving local food economy = increased regional strength

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