Da'Vine Aquaponics1910 Burk Rd Blaine WA, 98230

(360) 410 6085

Hours of Operation:

Da’vine Aquaponics is an indoor fish & vegetable farm located in Bellingham, Washington.

We use the innovative farming method of Aquaponics to achieve a naturally symbiotic system which grows abundant food crops year-round alongside a school of Channel Catfish, Tilapia, Trout, and fresh water shrimp. The system grows more food per square foot than traditional dirt agriculture, and uses vastly less water.

Our mission is to increase the local supply of healthy foods, to demonstrate the viability of Aquaponics for urban food production, to educate and enable our community to develop Aquaponics systems, and to explore new applications of the method that may fill important niches in our global food supply.

Sustainable Practices:

Sales Methods: Wholesale;Vending

Neighborhood: Bellingham: Meridian

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