April Exhibitions

The Katrina Decade: Images of An Altered City
Through May 14, 2017
Lightcatcher building | 250 Flora Street

The Historic New Orleans Collection marked the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with the release of the book and exhibition The Katrina Decade: Images of an Altered City. Traveling to the Whatcom Museum, courtesy of The Historic New Orleans Collection, this photo exhibition features the haunting black-and-white images of New Orleans-based photographer David G. Spielman. His photographs chronicle the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina and the arrested processes of rebuilding and recovery that persist in many neighborhoods.

Images of Resilience: Chicana/o Art and its Mexican Roots
Through May 28, 2017
Lightcatcher building | 250 Flora Street
Curated by Patricia Leach, Executive Director

Images of Resilience explores the development of Chicana/o art, from its beginnings in Mexican art of the early 1900s, to the Chicana/o movement of the 1960s and ’70s, to its relevance today. The exhibition reflects how Chicana/o art has influenced community building, history making, and cultural citizenship for Mexican-Americans and Chicana/os.

The Chicana/o movement of the ’60s and ’70s grew from a cultural reclamation and struggle for social justice. Drawing on styles created post-revolution, this era of Chicana/o art deals with rural themes—agriculture, religious holidays, folk heritage—and the new urbanized lives that the Mexican-Americans were living, shown through pop culture, cars, and Hollywood iconography. This exhibition is sponsored by Heritage Bank.

Docent Tours: Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, 1:30pm. Included with admission/Members free.
Spanish-language docent tour: Saturday, April 15, 2:30pm. Included with admission/Members free.

John M. Edson Hall of Birds
Opens March 16, 2017
Old City Hall | 121 Prospect Street

The Whatcom Museum is reinterpreting its founding collection of mounted birds in Old City Hall, with help from the North Cascades Audubon Society. The new exhibit will provide opportunities to learn about bird migration, conservation success stories, birds in peril, and the importance of studying bird specimens today. Alongside the interpretive panels and the birds themselves, the exhibit will provide a variety of interactive opportunities, including video clips of birds in our local habitats, audio files of Puget Sound-area bird calls, and hands-on activities for children. We look forward to sharing this important collection with visitors for years to come.

Focus on 50: Whatcom Community College
March 18 – May 31, 2017
Old City Hall | 121 Prospect Street

From the beginning of its 50-year history, Whatcom Community College (WCC) has been recognized as an innovator. Talk to people who worked at the College in the early days (when the college offered classes at a hodgepodge of buildings throughout the county) and you’ll hear some unbelievable stories. But the College, and its graduates, thrived. Today, Whatcom is regarded as one of the nation’s top two-year colleges. This exhibition will engage visitors with “groovy” WCC memorabilia, recorded memories and opportunities for guests to share their own Whatcom stories. Join us as we showcase how WCC helps graduates to transform their lives and our community to thrive. Learn more at whatcom.edu/50.