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Inviting all farmers and brewers!


Farmenting Round Table: Sourcing Ingredients Locally
Hosted by the Bellingham Brewers Guild at Boundary Bay
Thursday, October 19th, 6pm-9pm


Come on out to the Mountain Room at Boundary Bay Brewery, enjoy a delicious brew, get connected and talk about even greater farmer-processor relationships.

Which fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, and spices are in the highest demand within our booming craft food and beverage industries? Which of these can be grown right here in our own backyard to support local agriculture, possibly lowering the ingredient and freight costs to the end-users?

Join us for a brew at this round table discussion to answer questions and ask more, discuss logistics, and give our farmers the information they need to grow the varieties and volumes sought for use by local businesses.

This discussion, hosted by the Bellingham Brewers Guild and sponsored by Sustainable Connections, is aimed at enhancing the communication between our thriving food and beverage businesses and the farming community of Whatcom County. We food and beverage business folks want to source more ingredients from within our vibrant agricultural region. Farmers need to know what crops are in demand, currently sourced from another state or country and how much to grow!