Cloud Mountain Farm Ceter

Feb. 17  10:30-Noon
Growing Apples and Pears
Are you interested in growing apples and pears? This class will cover growing techniques and pruning methods for apple and pear trees. Techniques covered will help you learn to keep your trees healthy and productive year after year. $10 per person or $8 each for 2 or more people, registration recommended.

Begins Feb.17, 1:30-3:30 OR March 3, 10:30-12:30 

Advanced Apple and Pear Growing, Two Part Hands-On Course
Registration required, space is limited. $40 for both Part 1 & Part 2. Sign up for our Two Advanced Courses, Apples & Pears and Stone Fruits, and all 4 classes are $70. 

Begins Feb.17 SECTION FULL, 1:30-3:30 OR March 3 SECTION FULL, 10:30-12:30
This two-part class will take you beyond theory and enhance your skills as a fruit grower. In this first class, you’ll be working in the orchards pruning established trees, with hands-on instruction. You’ll practice applying pruning theory to trees grown on different training systems, and on trees of different ages. Expect to walk away feeling more confident when working with your fruit trees. To provide hands-on training, we limit the class size and offer two sections of the class, Feb 17th SECTION FULL or Mar. 3rdSECTION FULL. Be prepared to be outside. Registration required, space is limited.
Part 2: May 18, 10:30-12:30
In the second class in this two-part series you’ll learn about the process of scouting for pest and disease issues, and about how pruning in Part 1 has affected the early growth of the trees. You’ll also learn about fruit set, and participate in a hands-on thinning practicum. Both sections of Advanced Apple & Pear Growing, Part 1 will meet together for this class. Be prepared to be outside.