One of the most feminine and versatile pieces Patti teaches, the circular vest can be worn four different ways! Students will make a vest from the color kit of their choosing. Learn how altering the silk base creates different looks with the same pattern. Some prior nuno felt experience is recommended. This class is small in size, allowing for plenty of individual attention. A one hour lunch break is allotted. Please wear comfy shoes & bring lunch.
Participant Materials & Requirements: Each student will have the option to purchase a materials kit during the class ($60 – plenty of color options) OR you may bring your own materials:
  • 1-1/2 yards 54” wide silk chiffon (if you can only find 36” wide, you need to have 3 yards). Be sure it is very sheer. I prefer 8mm or less.
  • 4 oz merino roving
  • 1 oz curly locks (prefer Wensleydale)
  • 1/4 oz. silk fiber
Students also need to bring:
  • 5×8 rubber rug mat (order online)
  • very sharp, full-size scissors
  • bring an old towel you don’t mind staining
  • 2 sets of table risers (bed risers)

Cost: $84

Instructor: Patti Barker

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