A 3-day skill-building course in mediating conflicts between teens and their parents or guardians
Learning Outcomes:
• Handling emotionally volatile situations
• Navigating power imbalances
• Awareness of complex family systems and adolescent development
• Facilitating conversation around common parent-teen issues
• Advanced communication strategies
Topics Covered:
• Complex family systems
• Adolescent development
• Communicating with parents and teens
• Recognizing and dealing with power
• Rapport building
• Unique parent-teen mediation process

Course Fee: $350
$300 for those registered by February 15th by 5:00PM ($100 deposit needed to register)
Tuesday, March 13th-15th, 9:00am-6:00pm
To register, contact (360) 676-0122 or training@whatcomdrc.org. Or, register online at https://www.whatcomdrc.org/parentteen-mediation-training