Where: Pickford Film Center,1318 Bay Street, Bellingham, 98225

When: Wednesday, February 15th, at 6:30 PM

What: Co-Presented by Cloud Mountain Farm Center and Pickford Film Center, Portrait of a Garden beautifully depicts the ebb and flow of the seasons in a historic Dutch vegetable garden and orchard. 

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In a picturesque garden on a grand country estate in Holland, two long-time friends, an 85-year old pruning master and a gardener, tend to the espalier orchards. Surrounded by vegetable patches, citrus trees, the orchard, and lush grapevines, they talk about food, the weather, their craft (which is quickly disappearing), and the changing world around them. 

For fifteen years they’ve been working on the pear arbor. But will it finally come together this year? And what about the harvest? Will it be ready for the end-of-season banquet? Capturing one year in the life of this historic garden, the magnificent documentary is a beautiful, transcendent viewing experience.