We live in a time when consciously living in our bodies is more important than ever. How else can we know who we are and what we stand for? How else can we contrast another’s point of view with our own? Can we recognize when we relate to other from love, attraction, and empathy or from fear, rejection, and judgement?

In this two-hour participatory and experiential workshop, we will explore the many reasons to add our sense of smell to our repository of conscious embodiment tools. We will dive deeply into our five senses and notice how they seamlessly cross-pollinate and support each other. We will courageously identify what we love to smell while pioneering a new personal language to describe this. We will explore the usefulness of memory and feeling the experience of scent.

Finally, we will hone our intentionality to invite scent into our lives. We will end with a fun exercise of using our beginner’s smell mind. Laya Shriaberg is the nose, designer, and manager of AWE Botanical Parfum, a Bellingham-based artisan company dedicated to awakening our sense of smell and to evolving unique perfume blends that are wholly botanical, imaginative, and derived essentially from nature.

Please contact Laya to register: +1 (360) 734-1596 laya@spiralsuns.com