image.jpegCONTACT us  here at the Shanti Center ASAP to get on the list! It’s a pretty small list in fact. Just 14 of you will be able to join in this fine event! Have you on the edge of your seats, do I?

5:30 OR 7:15pm (name your preference)

Who: YOU and the Shanti Center practitioners

What: Get a 15 minute sample session from 4 different therapists!

Where: 700 DuPont St Bellingham WA 98229

Why: Because Holidays are upon us, and you need it. And you are thinking your husband/aunt/friend/cousin needs a massage/energy work/facial too, but want to try out the goods first. Smart shopper = YOU!

How Much: $79

What now? Get on your email app and drop a message to and let us know you want to join in the fun! Remember, only 14 of you get to play. Oh, and if you really want to try someones bodywork, let us know. Thats also a first come, first serve bonus!

More info here