Ayurvedic Health Center

Join Edmonds, WA-based Dennis Flaherty, Vedic Astrologer / Jyotishi, for this information-packed class about how we measure time.

Most modern people view time from a linear vantage point, very much like a reliable Swiss time piece that they believe measures every moment with equal precision and accuracy.

However, nothing could be further from the truth, for time is neither linear nor equal. From the Indian point of view, time is cyclic and highly unequal, and it travels in cycles or circles. The archetypal cycle of time is the journey of light into darkness, followed by darkness into light. In this context it is hard for us to grasp that there are only two equal days in the yearly cycle, when darkness/light are equal—and those days are the equinoxes. The rest of year time is not equal, and the belief that it is creates a profound sense of time sickness for those who persist in living in this state of delusion.

Further, time will not run out as is often predicted in the “End of Time” prophesies, which pervade many cultures and religions. It is rather the illusion of equal time that must end, for it is linked to disturbing practices in time management and productivity that are the bane of every working man, woman, and child.

Using the Astrology of India, known as Jyotisha (the science of light) this lecture is designed to help you end your participation in this delusional sense of time and begin to understand and participate in what is called liberated time, which goes under the name of enlightenment.