Favinger Plumbing Inc1700 Kentucky St Bellingham WA, 98229

(360) 676-1774

*This business is a Sustaining Member of Sustainable Connections! Sustaining Business Members go above-and-beyond to support the work of Sustainable Connections and to make our place an amazing one to live, work and play in. They are model businesses, inspiring change-makers invested in our local economy and we hope you will help us celebrate them by supporting and shopping with them.

Local, original owners for 20+ years. Sustainable Connections member since 2002. From the smallest repair to plumbing new buildings Favinger Plumbing does ANY SIZE JOB. We also specialize in sewer and drain cleaning, backflow testing, water heaters (tankless and conventional), solar heating and medical gas piping. Find us on Facebook!

Sustainable Practices: Bank Local First;Community Energy Challenge;PSE Green Power Purchaser;Toward Zero Waste;Watershed Pledge;Whatcom Smart Trips

Sales Methods: Services;Goods

Neighborhood: Bellingham: Roosevelt

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