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Green Home Tours & Talks

Thanks for joining us! Enjoy these resources to learn how you can not only make your home more beautiful and efficient but align your values for our Earth. Check out the virtual tours, workshops, and a directory of local green building businesses below.

Get an inside look at your neighbor’s inspiring design projects, practical application of green initiatives, and innovative use of natural materials in their homes!

Learn from the experts! View some (or all!) of the incredible green building workshops from this year’s event. 

With our local business directory, you can keep your dollars where your heart lives, support an economy of friends and neighbors, and build a community that thrives by thinking local first!

Green Home Tours

1. Right on Rambler

114 Bayside Place

This re-envisioned rambler offers functional space for aging in-place with a side of ultra-green construction.


[bundle] design

2. Hawthorn Hideaway

117 Hawthorne

A Bellingham remodel that makes the most of views and an open floor plan, while maximizing the space to be healthy, durable, and efficient.


[bundle] design

3. Felicity House

1141 Grant St

Semi-traditional bungalow design meets completely untraditional building style that prioritizes health and reduces climate impacts.


Instinct Builders

4. Dream Work

2518 S Park Dr

Team work makes the dream work! Prioritizing sustainability and beauty in this stunning new home.


Bellingham Bay Builders

5. Power House

13681 Bellevue

This power house uses smart building strategies to power the house AND an electric car.


TC Legend

6. Telegraph Townhomes

Telegraph Rd

The community-minded Telegraph Townhomes exemplify quality, energy efficiency, and affordability.


Kulshan Community Land Trust and Habitat for Humanity

Green Home Talks & Workshops

The Green Building Primer: What you need to know to get started

Video not available

Join us for a deep discussion with a green building contractor about the ins and outs of remodeling and new construction in today’s market.

Jason Wheeler, Instinct Builders

Jason has 11 years of remodeling and new construction experience from historic renovations, additions, kitchen/bath remodels and new green builds. Based in Bellingham, WA and serving the surrounding counties with a unique, open business model based on transparency and quality outcomes. Engaging in the built environment to improve individual lives, our community, and offer our craft.

Instinct Builders

The Three Pillars of Residential Decarbonization: Electrify, Optimize, and Solarize

An overview of the challenge at hand when addressing climate change and how individual homeowners can take practical steps to electrify, optimize, and solarize their homes.

Callum McSherry, Western Solar
Western Solar Inc.

Six Simple Ways to Prioritize Green Building in Your Construction Project

Your home already does a lot for you – it provides shelter, one of the basic human needs, as well as countless other benefits. A home is a place to live, study, work or connect with family and friends. We cook and eat meals, pursue hobbies, find respite in our homes, and so much more. Even though it may seem like your home already does a lot, most of these features have been components of human homes for centuries. In the 21st century, it’s time to ask yourself, what else is my home capable of?  

In the green building world people often talk about the big four: comfort, durability, health and efficiency. You might wonder, what do those mean for my home? In this workshop, Ian Rae will discuss six basic green building measures homeowners should consider that will increase their durability, comfort, health and efficiency of their homes. These measures are the ‘low hanging fruit’ of green building! Implementing them will have a dramatic impact, while not breaking the bank.  

There are significant disparities between a code-built home and a green home. Green homes are more comfortable, last longer, and use less energy. They also require fewer repairs, have healthier indoor air quality and are quieter than standard code-built homes. Learn how to do better for you, for your family and for the planet by asking more of your home. 

Ian Rae, Chuckanut Builders

Ian Rae is a Partner & the Head of Sales at Chuckanut Builders. Chuckanut Builders is a Bellingham-based general contractor, whose favorite projects are residential remodeling & new construction projects in Bellingham’s core neighborhoods. Green building is a constant on all of their projects, with an eye toward building durability, occupant health, and efficiency. They do this by implementing high performance building methods; selecting authentic, durable materials; and using time tested building techniques.

Chuckanut Builders

High Performance Remodeling: Two Case Studies

Let’s dive into two early 20th century homes, revamped & retrofitted by Bellingham Bay Builders. Focusing on electrification, air sealing, exterior insulation, indoor air quality, & more! Join us to learn how we arrived at the choices we made to bring these homes into the 21st century.

Bellingham Bay Builders

Bellingham Bay Builders is a workers’ cooperative, dedicated to pushing building standards so that the term “green building” becomes obsolete, and high performance building becomes the rule. Our presentation will be given by a group of member-owners, passionate about educating the public on the benefits and resources of high performance building, both through remodeling and new construction.

Western Solar Inc.

From Energy Audit to Retrofit: A Virtual Walk Through Energy Efficiency Upgrades (Pants not required)

Just because you own an older home doesn’t mean you can’t be an energy efficiency super star. If you’re thinking about making upgrades, an energy audit is the first step to help you make the most impactful decisions for your home. Join us on an energy audit from the comfort of your computer to learn how and why this process is the key to turning an older home into a high performing home. Attendees will have the opportunity to submit pictures of their own attics or crawlspaces for discussion, and we will close out the session by looking at some finished energy efficiency retrofits.

Emily and Mark, Community Energy Challenge

Emily Larson Kubiak works at Sustainable Connections, a non-profit that connects, educates, and supports local businesses to create thriving communities. She has worked in the energy field since 2009, where she started out providing energy efficiency services for low-income families. In her current role as Energy Program Manager, Emily performs commercial energy audits at local businesses and does all she can to help Sustainable Connections’ Energy Efficiency and Renewables Program be great. She is excited to help people find the sweet spot between reducing environmental impact and increasing well-being!

Mark has 20 years of experience as an educator and organizer in the non-profit sector. Prior to his current work in Opportunity Council’s CEC program, he provided in-home assessments and education for low-income families, with a focus on improving indoor air quality and minimizing health risks, while also enhancing home energy performance. In 2010, Mark and his spouse moved into an old, leaky, poorly insulated home in Bellingham. Since participating in the CEC and getting the home weatherized, they’ve enjoyed vastly improved comfort and low energy bills.

Community Energy Challenge

Tips for Success with Green Materials

Video not available

From initial conceptualization to selecting the right team of trusted professionals, and finding products to meet your individual wants and needs for all your project goals.

Pieter Sundgren, Greenhome Solutions

Born and raised in Seattle, Pieter Sundgren of Greenhome Solutions is passionate about sustainability, building quality, healthy, efficient, homes/buildings, and spaces. He enjoys family, friends, good food, good drinks, and good times. His primarily focus in the sustainable building industry has been on the supply of interior and exterior building products for over 20 years.

Community Energy Challenge

Accessory Dwelling Unit Workshop

In [bundle] Design Studio’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Workshop, we’ll be covering the basics of building an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Bellingham. From initial design concept to construction– we’ll break down what will need to be considered at each stage of the process. We’ll also be covering bonus material on how to best make your Accessory Dwelling Unit sustainable.

Mackenzie and Zach, [bundle] Design Studio

[bundle] Design Studio is a three person design firm that focuses on sustainable and hyper-local architecture. We work with Accessory Dwelling Unit design, construction, and permitting process daily and are looking forward to sharing our knowledge. Mackenzie Stickney and Zach Jorgensen will be leading the presentation.

Western Solar Inc.

Solar Today, To Prepare For Tomorrow

Been dreaming of going solar? Learn what you need to know about the latest solar technology and incentives, reaching Net Zero, meeting the new Energy Code requirements with the least expense, and being ready for the next power outage with battery back-up.

Ty Chang, Ecotech Solar

Ty Chang, System Designer at Ecotech Solar since 2015. Training from Solar Energy International, earned NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification.

Ecotech Solar

What is a Passive House? Creating affordable, efficient homes

Passive house is a voluntary standard for energy efficiency in a building, which reduces the building’s ecological footprint. It results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling. 

Habitat for Humanity & A1DesignBuild
Ecotech Solar
A1 DesignBuild

Designing and Building Affordable Net Zero Energy Homes

We will present our award winning process and techniques for designing and building net zero energy homes.

Ted and Norm, TC Legend Homes

Ted Clifton: Designer
Norm DesRosiers: Builder

TC Legend Homes

Business Directory

With our local business directory, you can find what you need locally, celebrate where you live, and put what matters most first. Keep your dollars where your heart lives, support an economy of friends and neighbors, and build a community that thrives by thinking local first!

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