Donovan Duplex




Hosted by: Instinct Builders

  • Building Designer: [bundle] design studio
  • Contractor: Instinct Builders
  • Insulation: Environmental Insulation
  • HVAC: Barron Heating & Cooling
  • Plumbing: Favinger Plumbing
  • Roofing: Baker Roofing 
  • Painting: ColorBond Painting
  • Electrician: Mason Electric

Green Features:

  • Low VOC building materials
  • Triple pane windows
  • Energy-efficient HVAC and water heating
  • Electric car chargers
  • Urban infill site
Instinct Builders

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Welcome to the Donovan Duplex, a remarkable rental unit that spans an impressive 2,400 square feet. This exceptional property is designed with a range of eco-friendly features, making it a perfect home for those who value sustainability. The home is equipped with a Zehnder Heat Recovery Ventilator unit that recovers 90% of the household heat while also cycling the air to prevent mold growth and stagnant air. The triple pane windows offer both energy efficiency and noise reduction, providing a peaceful and serene living environment. From the low VOC paint, flooring, and cabinets to the energy efficient heat pump and water heater every detail has been chosen to reduce the home’s environmental impact.

This home is perfect for those who are interested in urban infill, as it blends seamlessly into the surrounding Fairhaven Neighborhood. The availability of electric car chargers is another thoughtful feature, enabling residents to charge their electric vehicles with ease.

  • Focus of the design was energy efficiency first, followed by cost-efficiency
  • Designed to meet the passive house standard for air sealing
  • High performance building envelope
  • Two units on one site to increase housing density
  • Infill lot, designed to minimize grade changes
  • Walking distance to Fairhaven, Marine Park, and the interurban trail system
Water Efficiency
  • Dual flush toilets 
  • Water-sense rated shower heads
Energy & Atmosphere
  • Mini-split ductless heat pumps in both units
  • Heat pump water heaters in both units
  • Electric cooktop in both units
  • Two electric vehicle chargers
Materials & Resources
  • Blown-in blanket (BIBS) cellulose interior insulation 
  • Blueskin wrap and Aerobarrier air seal to meet passive house standard for air sealing 
  • Rockwool external insulation to minimize thermal bridging 
  • Triple pane windows
  • Low VOC paint, cabinets, and flooring 
Indoor Air Quality
  • Zehnder heat recovery ventilator (HRV) that recovers 90% of household heat while cycling the air to prevent mold growth and stagnant air
  • Tight building envelope for minimal air leakage 

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