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Hawthorn Kitchen

Hawthorn Kitchen is a hyper local, organic, zero waste meal prep service that delivers to Bellingham residents designed for folx who have a desire to reconnect to their food, have mindful health goals and radical ethics. Delicious nourishment is delivered to the doorstep each week with a focus on foods that promote healthy digestion, provide sustained energy and taste great. Edible ethics are the baseline. How do we consciously co-create a better world for the soil, plants, people and animals while also taking care of ourselves? Hawthorn Kitchen makes it easy to do this by planning meals for specific diets, doing the shopping, chopping, stirring and mixing, packaging in reusable containers and delivering, ready to cook, serve and enjoy!


Sustainable Practices:

Sales Methods: Online Store;Services

Neighborhood: Downtown: State/Chestnut

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