Imagine this! Home and Landscape Tour 2018

Site locations and descriptions

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View sites from the 2017 tour below

2017 Home and Landscape Tour Sites

1. The Roost, 1118 Fraklin St

2. Southside Sunshine, 207 Bayside Rd

3. Land Lovers Landscape, 2531 Henry St

4. Retro Toward Net Zero, 2400 H St

5. Skyward Food Forest, 1733 Mt. Baker Hwy

6. Dillman’s Depot 2070,  Fairhaven Ave

7. Highland Hemp House, 1010 Highland Dr

8. Bright Green, 306 Highland Dr

The Roost
Read More About The Roost

The Roost is what happens when a 1924 Craftsman and New York style loft collide in an acoustic hug. What started as a simple idea for a remodel grew into a local gathering spot for musicians and artists alike. Owner, Nick Hartrich, says that “this residential remodel experiment is a thank you to all who have inspired and taught me along the way, homeowners of previous Home & Landscape Tours included!”

The Roost integrates a City of Bellingham residential green roof pilot, 4.1 kW of solar, reclaimed beams from GP pulp mill and the Yakima Farmers co-op, bleachers from Garfield High School, doors from the Armory Building and X-files sound stage studio, recycled pallets, glass, steel, and tile, and showcases what it means to let go of traditional norms and instead live with elements that inspire.

Join us for an “Art in Blue” series as we highlight works of art from local blue-collar trades-women and men at this stop. Bring an open mind and heart for this celebration of art, music and craftsmanship.

1. The Roost
1118 Franklin St


  • Repurposed materials
  • Creative use of space
  • Green Roof
  • Active Solar


2. southside sinshine
Read More about Southside Sunshine

The homeowners of Southside Sunshine had dreams of creating a home that allowed generations of low-impact living. They found a dream location close to services on a previously developed lot with sweeping vistas—and their integrated team went to work designing a passive solar home that also took advantage of an incredible view to the North.

Hidden behind high-quality green finishing is the secret to a high-performance home: an energy efficient, tight building envelope and efficient mechanical systems. This project features all the best practices including above code insulation, heat pumps, and “zip system” sheathing. The home is also protected by durable metal roofing and a water filtering green roof.

Bellingham Bay Builders used their attention to detail and timber framing talent to repurpose the large deck that existed on the property into soffits, a timber frame porch, and rafters. To top it off, an 8.96 kW Solar Photovoltaic array should provide enough electricity to supply this home with all its energy needs. Best of all the owners will enjoy extra comfort, healthy indoor air, and a super low-maintenance exterior.

2. Southside Sunshine
207 Bayside Rd


  • Energy efficient HVAC
  • High Performance Building Envelope
  • Reclaimed Materials
  • Integrated project team
  • Exterior Mineral Wool Insulation


3. Land Lovers Landscape
Read More About Land Lovers Landscape

Owner Tamara Bowman knew she wanted a space that reflected the natural beauty of the Cascades, while offering the sanctuary of a private garden. Her home’s landscape installation was created using mostly native plants, ornamental rock, and natural wood components. Featuring edible and medicinal plants, this landscape produces for the homeowners nearly year-round.

Improvements to the site include a hog panel style fence, hardscaping, stone risers, and circle-patterned stone work. Creosote treated railroad ties were replaced with natural cedar rounds for parking curbs and a small pond that attracts local wildlife.

A low-impact, sustainable approach has been true for both the construction process and resulting landscape. There is an onsite food and green waste composting system and rainwater is captured and filtered through a raingarden. During construction, no spoils were removed while creating the front yard beds, and instead were used to berm up the rear beds, creating a terraformed landscape in the backyard. Come and see how permaculture is fundamental to the design of her landscape and for long-term sustainability and self-sufficiency.

3. Land Lovers Landscape
2531 Henry St


  • Raingarden
  • Permaculture design
  • Native plants
  • DIY ideas


4. Retro Toward Net Zero
Read More About Retro Toward Net Zero

Located in the heart of the Lettered Streets Neighborhood, this home shows all the signs of great stewardship. Keeping true to the historic character was an important value for the homeowner, but so was the efficiency and comfort of a modern home. Retro Toward Net Zero was originally construction in 1918 and was significantly updated in 2009 with a new open floor plan to create more living and storage space.

After thoughtful planning, this home was outfitted with new plumbing and electrical and included substantial thermal enclosure improvements to the original exterior frame walls, celling, and floors. These updates have made the home vastly more comfortable, quiet, and energy efficient.

Since 2009, the homeowners have continued working to reduce their home’s impact, installing a roof-mounted solar electric array and creating vegetable and native gardens.

4. Retro Toward Net Zero
2400 H St


  • Repurposed materials
  • Creative use of space
  • DIY Ideas
  • Active Solar


5. Skyward Food Forest
Read More About Skyward Food Forest

Skywood Food Forest is an example of handcrafted edible landscaping employing agro-ecological permaculture methods, i.e. the creation of a lovely cultivated ecosystem full of useful and edible plants, on an acre of land. The site is a demonstration and education site for intensive, beyond organic, mostly perennial food production using vertical gardening/farming techniques that can be replicated with beautiful and productive results at any scale.

Integrated with the adjacent wooded setting and the natural design of the garden beds, it has become a sanctuary for guests of the adjacent Cedar Tree House and Tree Frog Night Inn, who also enjoy surplus food from the site. The converted orchard area is a great example of a “no lawn landscape,” where mulched paths are gradually being succeeded by soft, bare-foot friendly groundcovers.

Working with the natural contours of the land, once established, this complex and sustainable system needs very few inputs, virtually zero weeding, is passively irrigated, and requires little maintenance.

Skywood Food Forest exemplifies landscapes that provide abundance while continually building soil and biomass (thus sequestering carbon!), enhancing air and water quality, promoting biodiversity, increasing habitat, attracting pollinators, multiple bird species, etc. – all by working with nature, rather than against it.

5. Skyward Food Forest
1733 Mt. Baker Hwy


  • Permaculture
  • Vertical gardens
  • Low-maintenance landscape
  • Composting


6. Dillman's Depot 2
Read More About Dillman's Depot

Bob Dillman transplanted to Bellingham after falling in love with the people and place. He wanted to create a space that was a reflection of his values for low impact living, community, and creativity, and in 2012 began the transformation of a log cedar home into a sustainability superstar.

Beginning with energy and water systems as the foundational building blocks to green buildings, this home includes a 7,000-gallon rainwater cistern and innovative energy improvements including passive solar and a 6.7 kW solar array that takes advantage of the southern exposure. The gardens have been built into terraced landscapes and provides ample food throughout the harvest months. To share the low-impact lifestyle, this home features extra space for friends and family equipped with all the comforts of home as well as a detached music studio.

Building on the original character and aesthetic, the owner incorporated natural, non-toxic materials and integrated creativity and art into the design, realizing a more sustainable way of living that can be a living example for the rest of the community.

6. Dillman’s Depot
2070 Fairhaven Ave


  • rainwater system
  • Storm water mitigation features
  • Split heating system
  • Exterior cork insulation
  • Native plant landscaping


7. Highland Hemp House
Read More About Highland Hemp House

This project is still in the construction phase. Join us for educational hands-on demonstrations and learn all about hempcrete!
The Highland Hemp House is a project retrofitting a 45-year-old home with hemp and lime, 100% natural materials that make for an ideal, healthy living environment. It also aims to transforming the building industry and demonstrate that hempcrete is the building material of the future. Designed with health, efficiency, beauty, and longevity in mind, hempcrete material is simple and ecologically sound.

The monolithic walls are 12” thick, made of just the straw or core of the hemp plant (often called hurd) and calcium or lime. This material encases an internal frame of lumber, since it is not structural, and wraps into windows and doors for an airtight seal. Add a south sloping roof with 10 kW solar capacity and energy saving design, and this house easily achieves goals to reduce both embodied and performance energy-saving goals. Come and learn about the many benefits of building with a common element of the earth’s crust and an annually renewable bio-aggregate.

This home will be under construction at the time of the tour but there is a completed shed made of these materials on the property. There will also be a demonstration of how to build with hempcrete.

7. Highland Hemp House
1010 Highland Dr


  • Hempcrete construction
  • Low-embodied energy
  • DIY Ideas
  • Creative design
  • Hands-on workshops


8. Bright Green
Read More About Bright Green

The Bright Green project shows us that building enduring homes is both a craft and a science. Homeowners, Jane and Nelson Bright knew they wanted a centrally located, beautiful and modern home. The super insulated building envelope includes a weather resistive barrier, a rainscreen and 3” of exterior cork insulation. Coupled with locally made Cascadia windows, aggressive airsealing and an innovative heating and ventilation system, this is one of Whatcom County’s most comfortable homes.

The team included aging in place design elements and prioritized green, durable materials that were locally-made, recyclable and toxin free. The Bright Green project is beautiful, healthy, comfortable and durable. It’s super green too.

On this project, and all Chuckanut Builders’ projects, we keep the ethos of John Ruskin’s words in mind, “When we build, let us think that we build forever. Let it not be for present delight nor for present use alone. Let it be such work as our descendants will thank us for.”

8. Bright Green
306 Highland Dr


  • Infill location
  • Super high performance home
  • Locally-made, energy efficient windows
  • Integrated project team
  • Exterior cork insulation


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