Osprey Hill FarmAnna & Geoff Martin, Owners of Osprey Hill Farm are leaders in preserving farmland in Whatcom County, advocating healthy environmental practices and protecting valuable agricultural areas. They are very public about their desire to improve the land and protect our natural resources. They treat their livestock with great care, and embrace issues of social justice, believing that good clean food should be a standard, not a privilege.

With the opening of their new poultry processing unit, Osprey applied the same principles that they use at the farm. The unit was built from reclaimed steel cargo containers, the wall paneling from 100% recycled material. All waste from butcher days is collected and used for irrigation. Offal is composted and used to improve the soil for vegetable production. A fantastic example of a Toward Zero Waste approach.

As a mentor of the Food to Bank On program, Anna helps new farmers get up to speed with farm business planning and on-farm best practices. Geoff & Anna’s community involvement, passion, enthusiasm and hard work makes this a better place to live for us all.