Maui & Cascade Shrub Farm

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Apple State Vinegar produces a 100% Washington State Apple, organic apple cider vinegar and give back 6% of that net income to marine conservation and clean waterways. We also make Shrub. We infuse our Apple State Vinegar with whole fruit in micro batches to ensure a super potent flavor extraction.
This lively raw vinegar preserve is intended for healthful cocktails, sodas & culinary treats.
We support sustainable agriculture by working with organic community farms in Maui and the Cascade foothills where we raise our family. Enjoy 32 refreshing healthful drinks -spiked or not- with one of our 16oz Shrub bottles.
Organic & Raw, Apple Cider Vinegar -Infused With- Refreshing Local Flavor
– Fresh Off The Farm –

Our Shrub is made of local fruit, herb, organic apple cider vinegar, organic cane sugar and honey. Our product is Raw, gluten-free and Non-GMO.

**MAUI Flavors**
Pineapple x Sage
Molokai Hibiscus x Orange
Ginger x Hawaiian chili
Lilikoi Passion (Passion fruit)

**CASCADE Flavors**
Ginger x Apple
Raspberry x Citrus
Blueberry x Lemon

Sustainable Practices: Accepts EBT/ Food Stamps, USDA Certified Organic

Sales Methods: Online Store;In-Store;Wholesale;Vending


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