Mueller Animal Chiropractic and Natural DentistryAnimal Eye Care
405 32nd Street, Suite 103 Bellingham WA, 98225

(360) 738-3763

Helping animals feel better naturally.
Animal chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine for animals. Similar to human chiropractic, it can be helpful for a variety of conditions that affect animals. My chiropractic practice focuses on horses, dogs and cats.
We also provide ‘natural dental cleaning’–cleaning teeth without anesthesia. No fasting, pre-anesthetic blood work, or long stays at the hospital are needed! Our experienced veterinary technician gently but thoroughly cleans your pet’s teeth while you wait.
Give Mueller Animal Chiropractic a call and get your pet or horse on the road to recovery.

Sustainable Practices: PSE Green Power Purchaser;Watershed Pledge

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Neighborhood: No Storefront

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