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Sustainable Connections News & Events:  This newsletter will keep you connected to what’s happening with Sustainable Connections, including all of our awesome local events and how we are working to make Whatcom County the best place to live, work, and play.

Eat Local First:  Stay connected from farm to fork with our Eat Local First newsletter. You’ll find farmer and local food business stories, what’s in season, fun food happenings and events, how to eat like a local, and the latest and greatest in local food news.

Green Building & Smart Growth:  Whatcom County is at the forefront of cutting-edge sustainable design and building efforts; this newsletter will keep you informed on networking, learning, and training opportunities to help you keep pushing the (building) envelope in this exciting field.

Sustainable Business Practices:  Primarily aimed at businesses looking to be sure their business walks the talk, this newsletter includes insightful info on things such as Toward Zero Waste, sustainability reporting, and being a truly Triple Bottom Line business.

Live Local News:  For all those who want to Think, Buy, and Be Local; this newsletter will keep you in the know so you can be a full-time local lover. With the latest local business news, sales, events, and info you’ll always be in the loop.

Energy Efficiency & Renewables (quarterly):  Sign up for this newsletter to receive updates about the Community Energy Challenge, energy-saving tips, energy policy updates, and energy-related news.

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