Toward zero waste

Your business has a big opportunity – to reduce at least half of the waste it creates. Industry and business leaders agree that an 80% reduction is within reach!

In Washington State alone, we generate around 17 million tons per year. In the U.S. $200 billion is spent on solid waste management and lost energy resources from disposing of trash. Solid waste represents wasted resource, energy, and money.

Over 400 businesses have engaged in the Sustainable Connections Toward Zero Waste Campaign and are making meaningful progress toward achieving their waste reduction goals. The vast majority of businesses have realized financial savings as a result of engaging in the campaign in addition to making a positive change for our community and the environment.

When you commit to reducing your waste, our team of experts will do the dirty work and provide you with free technical assistance and materials to help you achieve your goals. We make it easy! You can count on us to help you with:

  • A waste audit
  • Creation of a waste reduction plan
  • Employee education
  • Finding every waste reduction & savings opportunity

Stay ahead of the curve by creating a waste reduction plan that works for your business. Waste initiatives are growing in popularity across our state, with food waste and construction and demolition waste being top priorities in reduction for the Department of Ecology and Whatcom County. The Towards Zero Waste Program can assist you every step of the way. All types of food businesses and every aspect of the construction industry can participate in the Towards Zero Waste Program.

Every business can be successful in reducing their trash, don’t let this opportunity go to waste!

How do I sign my business up to participate in Toward Zero Waste?

1. Commit

Commit to at least a 50% waste reduction. In return, you will receive one on one technical assistance, a detailed action plan, employee training and logos for you to use in your marketing and communications.


2. Recruit

Recruit an internal change champion who can lead the efforts at your business and review our educational materials.

3. Attend

Attend a Toward Zero Waste workshop for further education (optional). Have your questions answered and learn more from industry leaders and your peers!


4. Share!

Share your waste reduction goals, progress, achievements and barriers. Respond to a short online survey and allow SSC to report your measurable progress directly to us so we can help share your success in the community.

How Does Sustainable Connections Help?

Personalized coaching and assistance is provided to your businesses to get you started, connect you with resources and help solve problems

Promotional materials including posters, decals, stickers and logos will be sent for you to use on your website, business cards, at point of sale, through your customer newsletters, in your ads and where ever works best for you. Signage for sorting waste is available for your business to use on recycling, composting, and trash receptacles.

Recognition and promotion for your business is available for participating in the Toward Zero Waste Campaign. Social media exposure, newsletters, and a website will list your business as a participant. A Toward Zero Waste icon will be listed next to Sustainable Connections members in our business directory. Press releases and case studies will also be created for select businesses in the program.

Toward Zero Waste Workshops are available for industries such as construction, food and farming, event planning, and hospitality. Have your questions answered and learn more from industry leaders and your peers!

Industry specific educational materials such as how-to guides, recycling tool kits and event planning guides are available for participants.