How Local Businesses Are Successfully Using Chinook Book

We stopped by Fringe Boutique (located in the Herald Building on state street in downtown Bellingham) to pick Rhiannon’s brain on her experience using the Chinook Book App so far, and how she’s made it work for her shop.

FYI–Established in 2015, Fringe is a mix of clothing, accessories, jewelry, gifts, and home décor. Fringe values infusing every corner of life with beauty, passion, and magic.



Sustainable Connections (SC) asked:

How do you like Chinook Book as a business owner compared to other loyalty programs or apps you’ve used?


Rhiannon Troutman (RT) answered: 

  • Fringe has tried both Fivestars and Appcard loyalty programs prior to joining Chinook Book.
    • They took too many steps for customers to opt in. Lost their luster over time, ignored texts, or customers weren’t aware that they had rewards–they were already coming in on their own, not because of these loyalty programs.
    • Pricing is much better with Chinook Book–even if you partake in an annual coupon, 6 seasonal coupons, and the punch card, it’s still less than participating in other loyalty apps.

SC: How easy is Chinook Book to use at your business?


  • It’s easy and convenient, doesn’t require extra tech at POS like other loyalty programs have, or use extra time for staff to implement. Chinook Book is fast:  customer shows their phone, taps on coupon or punch card, staff applies discount manually in POS. Done!

SC: What features are you currently utilizing in the Chinook Book app?


  • Fringe is currently running an annual coupon, a mobile punchcard, and has done several seasonal coupons as well.
    • Annual Coupon: $10 off purchase of $50 or more
    • Punchcard: Spend $25 of more for 12 visits, get a $25 coupon
    • Seasonal Coupons
      • July-Aug: 20% off one full-priced summer style
      • Sept-Oct: 20% off one full-priced fall style
      • Nov-Dec: $20 off your purchase of $100 or more
      • Mar-Apr: $10 off a pair of shoes

SC: How have you implemented Chinook in and at your business?


  • Some signage, promotion on social media, in newsletter, and blog posts.
  • Most important has been that staff knows how to use the app, so they can ask customers and help them sign up.
    • Fringe is lucky to have a lot of one-on-one time with each customer at POS.


SC: Any tips or recommendations for other businesses?


  • An annual coupon is a placeholder for your business to have a presence year round, but the most bang for your buck is with Seasonal Coupons and the Punch Card! These features allow for more consistent engagement with new and loyal customers.
  • Make sure your staff know how to use the App and what your deals are in the App currently.
  • Chinook Book has the potential to be the App that all local business use here in Bellingham–so the more businesses we have on board the better it will be for all of us!