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With 34,000 app users and 1,000’s of unique businesses in the Puget Sound region, the Think Local Chinook Book App is becoming THE way for locals and visitors to find your business.

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Reach more locals – mobile coupons are incredibly popular! Put your business in the palm of customers’ hands
Real ROI and metrics – monthly reports that show how many people used your coupon, ‘favorited’ your coupon, or viewed it
Users Can Take Their App With Them – Seattle & Puget Sound, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco Denver, and even Minneapolis
Minimal training and no new technology – Accepting coupons is as simple as looking at a customer’s phone
More than just coupons – with in-line advertising and customer loyalty rewards with the mobile punchcard!
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Annual Coupon
Seasonal Coupon
Inline Ad
Punch Card
Business Member
$125 $100 $100 $150
Business Member
$200 $125 $125 $200
Annual Coupon Ex ample med Inline content example med


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Annual Coupons

Chinook Book Coupon
  • Full Access Subscribers Only, Free Users Can Preview
  • Year-round visibility; use your most valuable offer to acquire new customers
  • Deploys the 1st of the month
  •  Monthly emails to users highlight the most relevant new and expiring offers based on user location and preferences

  • Push notifications tell users when new offers are added and favorite offers are expiring + location reminders when they’re in your neighborhood

Annual Coupon Pricing

Seasonal Coupons

Chinook Book Coupon
  • Runs for 2 months at a time
  • Highlight a seasonal sale or promotion;  promoted through email and push notifications too!
  • Full Access & Free app users can view + use your seasonal coupon
  • Pick your timing
    • Sept 1st – Oct 31st 
    • Nov 1st – Dec 31st
    • Jan 1st – Feb 28th
    • Mar 1st – Apr 30th 
    • May 1st – Jun 30th
    • Jul 1st – Aug 31st


Seasonal Coupon Pricing

Inline Advertising

Similar to the Facebook News Feed, Chinook Book and Think Local First Inline Content Ads are integrated into users’ coupon lists to promote your message where traffic is highest.

Inline Content - Chinook Book

Inline ads run for a month at a time; highlight an upcoming event, a seasonal promotion, or draw people to your coupon year round.

Image must be 1302 pixels wide x 756 pixels tall in PSD, PDF, JPG, TIFF, or PNG (if 24 bits) format.

Have your Ad tap to wherever you want:

  • open to an external website (mobile-friendly sites only)
  • directly to your merchant coupon
  • open your merchant coupon list to see all your coupon offerings
  • open your merchant location details or business profile so customers know where to find you
  • open to a custom article
Inline Ad Pricing

Mobile Punchcards

A loyalty program for local, sustainable businesses

Punch Card Pricing
Replace your paper punchcards
  • Easy to implement, with no new hardware or software required.
  • Trackable results with insights into your best customers.
  • Pre-installed for the entire Chinook Book app audience in Seattle & Puget Sound region (~32,000).
  • Includes an announcement email to all your users who have marked your business as a Favorite in the Chinook Book app.
Simple for cashiers and customers alike
  • For each punchcard offer you run (ex. Buy 10 slices of pizza, get 1 free), we will provide a unique, scannable QR code to keep at checkout.
  • To get a punch, customers simply scan the QR code with their Chinook Book app.
  • When a customer fills their punchcard it automatically turns into a mobile coupon for the free item. Simple!
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This is a project of the Think Local First Campaign, and a partnership of Sustainable Connections and Chinook Book
Thank You To The City Of Bellingham For Continuous Support Of Think Local First! To Make Projects Like This Possible