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Swap out your natural gas water heater for a high efficiency
heat pump water heater and you’ll be eligible for up to
$700 in rebates and possible tax credits too!


Make the switch to a high efficiency heat pump water heater today! 

We are here for you!

The team at Pump It Up makes it easy to change! We’re here to educate and support you every step of the way (in other words, we aren’t trying to sell you anything). We’ll provide you with the info you need to decide if a heat pump water heater is right for you. 

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Our Team

With the help and support of our community, the City of Bellingham is developing and implementing strategies to reduce the impact of government and community activities on our climate. This is necessary in order to create a healthy, vibrant, safe and equitable home for current and future generations, as promised in Bellingham’s Legacies and Strategic Commitments.

City of Bellingham

The Community Energy Challenge, a non-profit partnership between Opportunity Council and Sustainable Connections, provides energy audits, reporting, consultations, quality assurance, and financial incentives for homes and businesses in our community. Their services help reduce energy costs, improve comfort, and increase value.

Community Energy Challenge

Why Pump it up?


Our local utilities are working hard to make all electricity in our region carbon neutral by 2045. That means when you switch to electric appliances your carbon footprint will decrease over time and you’re playing a role in fighting climate change!

Better Air Quality

Natural gas combustion appliances reduce indoor air quality and the methane in natural gas is a major driver of climate change. Heat pump water heaters are better for your home, your family, and the planet.

$700 in Rebates!

Receive an exclusive $200 rebate for City of Bellingham residents who switch from natural gas or propane water heater to a heat pump water heater. PSE’s $500 instant rebate through participating retailers and contractors reduces your initial investment. Potential tax credits may be available. Now is a great time to make the switch!

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