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SeaBar makes salon quality shampoo and conditioner concentrates that clean the ocean. Each of their highly concentrated bars lasts as long as 2-3 bottles AND for each item sold they clean up one pound of ocean trash.
Their unique refillable applicator gives all the zero waste benefits of solid hair care without the inconvenience of typical bar soaps and shampoos. It’s kinda like an integrated soap dish that keeps your bars from ever getting soggy and slippery in the shower.
SeaBar’s mission is to fight ocean plastic pollution by reducing demand and cleaning up the mess we’ve already made. They fund their mission by offering zero waste, zero compromise replacements for the products people use everyday, and use those funds to support a cleaner ocean.
Over 16 tons of ocean trash has been cleaned so far both here in Whatcom County by volunteers and with our trash cleanup crew in the Philippines.

Sustainable Practices:

Sales Methods: Online Store;Wholesale;Vending (non-storefront)

Neighborhood: Ferndale

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