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Tuesday, February 23, 2021
9–2:30PM PST

Welcome to the Puget Sound’s premier food and farming business conference—the Farm-to-Table Trade Meeting!

Sustainable Connections, Business Impact NW, and Seattle Good Business Network have partnered together this year to bring you a virtual Farm-to-Table Trade Meeting with fun and engaging opportunities to connect with your friends and colleagues for learning, sharing, and making market connections.

Read on to learn more about this year’s program speakers, sponsors, and partners, and other opportunities to make the most of the Farm-to-Table Trade Meeting.

Many thanks to the 41 regional food producers who were featured in our first-ever Farm-to-Table Trade Meeting Tasting Boxes. Learn all about the delicious goodies and the hardworking folks behind this year’s boxes by clicking here.


This event will be using two platforms to help everyone get the most out of the day’s content: Zoom and Slack.

While we have a tight schedule for the day, we want you to make sure to take care of yourself! Come and go freely; care for children and animals, stretch, and eat! Attend sessions that interest you, and step away during others as needed. We will be recording every session except Market Trends in Response to COVID-19 at 12:30PM PST, so you’ll have an opportunity to watch most of the day on your own time if needed. Participation can look different for everyone and we welcome what works for you.


Opening Words

Keynote Panel: Imagining a Just Food Recovery
A conversation with:

Adasha Turner, Modest Family Solutions
Tarik Abdullah, Feed the People
Brandon Revey,
 Revey Diesel & Marine


The confluence of the COVID-19 pandemic and mass anti-racist movement in 2020 brought historic racial inequities in the food system into sharp relief, from disparities in farmland ownership, wealth, resources, and food acess to labor rights and protections and to control over a community’s food supply. The total disruption of the food system and focus on who within it is essential have exacerbated these inequities and also created an opportunity to re-envision these structures through our recovery into a more just food system. This panel will be a conversation between three local leaders in our regional food system, working in commercial fishing, youth education, agroecology, and food access. Each will offer their reflections and insights on the opportunities they see to re-build our foodsheds with care for equity, people, and planet.

Small Group Networking


Come ready to share about your organization and what connections you are looking to make! Mirroring previous programs “round-table” style networking, we will use Zoom breakout rooms to organize several rounds of small group conversations and connections.


Breakout Sessions #1, choose between:

Food Systems Resiliency: Insights from Regional Food Hubs
Andrew Yokom, Puget Sound Food Hub
Sarah Pope, San Juan Islands Food Hub
Kyle Flack, Whidbey Island Food Hub
Austin Becker, Farmstand Local Foods


The pandemic accelerated a lot of local food systems projects- and Food Hubs are one of the best examples of this! We are bringing together representatives from 4 of our regional food hubs to share their insights and lessons in local food resiliency.

Leveraging Technology in the Food System
Mariah DeLeo, Seattle Good Business Network
Sheryl Wiser, Eat Local First Collaborative & Tilth Alliance
Micha Ide, Eat Local First Collaborative & Pierce Country Fresh
Elliott Smith, Kitchen Sync Strategies


Technological advances over the past years have created the opportunity for improved collaboration within regional food systems and more ways to market to larger audiences, allowing smaller businesses to compete and grow their market share. Over the past year, these tools became more important than ever with the shift toward virtual connections and consumer shifts online. Learn about the new tools helping connect food and farm businesses to each other, to their customers, and to larger institutional markets. Bring your questions and ideas, and provide feedback on what tools you need to help your business thrive and help shape the tools of the future.

Lunch Break

Breakout Sessions #2, choose between:

Scaling Up for Wholesale Production: A Case Study in Cooperative Crop Planning
Jeff Voltz, Northwest Agriculture Business Center
Cheryl Thornton, Cloud Mountain Farm Center
Brent Chambers, Haggen
Nick Spring, Spring Time Farm


From crop planning to packaging to marketing, getting your product from farm to market can be a challenging enterprise. A pilot market & crop planning project is linking specialty crop producers with the tools, assistance, and relationships that can support their successful entry or expansion of wholesale sales in Northwest Washington. Sustainable Connections in partnership with Northwest Agriculture Business Center and Cloud Mountain Farm Center have created a cohort of wholesale buyers and farmers working together to help farms scale up to capture and increase wholesale sales. Focusing in on 10 key crops, the team is working on sharing best practices on growing, harvesting & packaging these crops for wholesale, and syncing up products with buyers through forward agreements. Hear from project leads and participants about their experiences developing a program to support more local food reaching our plates through cooperative crop planning and marketing in the wholesale market. Learn more about best practices for buying or selling local food in the wholesale marketplace, what’s needed, what buyers want, and how we can grow this model across the state.

Market Trends in Response to COVID-19
Dr. Jennifer Otten, University of Washington
Dr. Sarah Collier, University of Washington
Scott Owen, PCC Community Markets
Kevin Haggerty, Oxbow Farm


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every sector of the local food system, creating widespread instability in producer markets and food access at the consumer level. We’ll hear from two UW researchers about recent survey projects that explore the impacts on farms and ranches in Washington State and the recent changes experienced by households in food access pathways, the types of foods acquired, food insecurity and economic well-being. We’ll then discuss how members of the farming community and grocery sector have adapted to these market shifts and, going forward, what options and opportunities exist for food and farm businesses to find new market channels to provide local food to all Washingtonians.

Breakout Sessions #3, choose between:

Buyer-Producer Meetup


This is a highlight of the Farm-to-Table Trade Meeting each year! Adapted for digital meeting space, our meetups will use Zoom breakout rooms to maximize the buyer and producer connections. Past attendees reported an average of 6 new sales connections as a result of the event, and the Farm-to-Table Trade Meeting in total generates $500,000+ in new sales each year.

Just Food Recovery Interactive Session
Rhys–Thorvald Hansen, Sustainable Connections
Brenda Bentley, Community to Community Development


What could possibly go right? As food system professionals, each of us have a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lay in front of us. Drawing on inspiration from the event keynote, this session will take participants through a series of creative solo and small group exercies to distill your vision for the future of our food system, and identifying steps we can each take to enact it. Please have paper and a writing utensil.


Conferencia magistral: Imaginando una recuperación alimentaria – justa tendrá subtítulos en español disponibles
Aprovechamiento de la tecnología en el sistema alimentario – tendrá subtítulos en español disponibles
Ampliación de la producción mayorista: un estudio de caso de planificación cooperativa de cultivos – tendrá subtítulos en español disponibles
Tendencias del mercado en respuesta al COVID-19 – tendrá traducción al español disponible
Comprador Productor Meetup – tendrá traducción al español disponible

Haga clic a continuación para obtener información sobre la traducción al español y los subtítulos.

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