How Does it Work?

1. Schedule an energy assessment

An energy assessment is a professional evaluation of the energy saving opportunities in your home by a certified building analyst. After you have familiarized yourself with program details and frequently asked questions, please schedule an assessment by completing this form and a Community Energy Challenge representative will contact you with more information and schedule your low-cost assessment. (Submission of the form does not obligate you to receive and/or pay for an assessment, it merely indicates your interest in the program).

2. Learn about opportunities to save energy from a building analyst

After your assessment, you’ll receive a report detailing how efficient your home currently is and where there is room for improvement. This will include a list of recommendations for your home, including simple, low-cost actions you can take to start saving right away and recommendations for larger home improvements that will do even more to improve comfort and reduce home energy costs.

3. Choose cost effective projects with guidance from your energy advisor

One of our home energy advisors will schedule a meeting to go over your recommended energy efficiency improvements. The advisor will walk you through the recommendations and clearly explain which measures are the most cost effective and help you decide which ones to complete. They will also explain all of the rebates and incentives that are available to bring down the cost of your project and help you apply for them.

4. Feel confident when vetted contractors do the work

Your home energy advisor will connect you with one of our vetted contractors who can complete the recommendations that you decided on. All guidance through the program is independent from contractors to ensure that recommended improvements are carried out as cost-effectively as possible. In other words, we have nothing to gain financially by recommending certain measures and our goal is to help you come up with a plan that makes the most sense for your situation.

5. Receive third party quality assurance on all work

100% of the work completed through the Community Energy Challenge is quality assured by professionals who operate independently of the contractors. So you know that an expert third party has reviewed the work and agrees that it meets our high standards.

6. Access incentives, rebates, and financing

The CEC offers cash incentives totaling up to 30% of your weatherization project costs in addition to helping you take advantage of utilities rebates. The Community Energy Challenge also matches utilities rebates on qualifying heating equipment upgrades, such as heat pumps.

7. Save energy and money!

An energy assessment will provide a comprehensive list of quick fix and low cost upgrades along with long-term solutions. The first steps are usually extremely easy, with little to no cost, and you can start saving right away. An assessment also gives you personalized information about how changing simple behaviors in your home can reduce energy use immediately. Direct install of LED bulbs and low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators also may be available to you to help save energy and money.

The Community Energy Challenge is a joint project between Sustainable Connections and the Opportunity Council

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