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Eat Local Month
Eat Local Month -
August 01 - August 31, All Day
Meet Your: Farmer, Chef, Grocer, Fisher and GET A TASTE of what grows here! It’s never been more important to know how we’ll feed our families, or sustain our community. Join us for a month-long journey. Connect your taste buds with community, and experience both the joy and purpose of eating local for a resilient food future.


A New Economic Model

“The northern Washington town of Bellingham may be the epicenter of a new economic model for a post-consumerist economy, producing goods and services focused on what surrounding communities need and can sustain.”
-NPR Marketplace, interview with Sustainable Connections


A Local Living Economy

Choosing local retailers creates jobs and community. Hear from a variety of local entrepreneurs who call Bellingham home and learn why they choose to live and love local.

Local Champions

Competing for Bandwidth

Competing for Bandwidth

By Mark Peterson If you’re like me and you have been working remotely there seems to be the constant battle for all kinds of bandwidth. Internet bandwidth is at a premium and with both my wife and I working and togging between Zoom and Team virtual meetings, my three...

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Compassionate, Collaborative Action

Compassionate, Collaborative Action

I have been working hard to retrain my brain to accept what is, celebrate what should be celebrated and remain steadfast in my hope. Thankfully, the work that has been my profession over the past two and a half years provides me daily examples of people being good humans, doing what they can to take care of themselves, their families, their friends and their communities large and small.

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