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Upcoming Sustainable Connections Events

Energy Club
Energy Club -
March 18, 8:00 am - 9:00 am
Meet like-minded folks and energy efficiency experts to learn about local resources to help you save energy at work and so much more!
San Juan Islands Agricultural Summit
San Juan Islands Agricultural Summit -
March 20 - April 16, All Day
Four weeks of inspiration, education, and community for farmers, producers, and all those involved in the San Juan County food system.
Waste & Whatnot
Waste & Whatnot -
April 13, 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Gather with local businesses, organizations, and community members while we discuss innovative ideas about waste, recycling, and more!


A New Economic Model

“The northern Washington town of Bellingham may be the epicenter of a new economic model for a post-consumerist economy, producing goods and services focused on what surrounding communities need and can sustain.”
-NPR Marketplace, interview with Sustainable Connections


A Local Living Economy

Choosing local retailers creates jobs and community. Hear from a variety of local entrepreneurs who call Bellingham home and learn why they choose to live and love local.

Local Champions

Local Collaboration for the Win!

Local Collaboration for the Win!

By Mark Peterson It was with great trepidation I listened to the presentation at our last Solid Waste Advisory Committee meeting. The discussion centered around the ramifications of what may come to pass as we looked at the impending closure of a longtime recycling...

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Sasquatch’s Sweet Sixteen

Sasquatch’s Sweet Sixteen

Sixteen Delicious Local Treats If you didn’t know, Sasquatch has a sweet tooth, and he loves using the Whatcom Think Local First gift card to buy sweet treats all over Whatcom County. With Valentine ’s Day coming up, we wanted to share Sasquatch’s Sweet 16 with you –...

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Still Here, Still Resilient

Still Here, Still Resilient

This is where I feel triumphant through the good deeds of our volunteers and exemplary performance of my coworkers. In a time of need where everything seems to be just that much harder, we have found a way to be successful beyond my wildest expectations.

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