A-1 Builders Sustainability Champion Award

From left to right; Maggie, Justus, Bobbi, Cindi, Patrick, Rick & Shawn

Every year Sustainable Connections honors five local businesses that are taking steps towards achieving a healthy triple bottom line–taking care of employees, our environment, and the local economy–with a Sustainability Champion Award. Drawn from the four tenets of our mission, the awards celebrate local businesses who are leaders in Strong Community, Healthy Environment, Meaningful Employment, and Buying Local First, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award.

This year’s Meaningful Employment Award goes to A-1 Builders & Adaptations Design Studio! This award goes to a local company that provides employment opportunities that engage employees, provide livable jobs, and plans for the future.

A-1 Builders has been in business for over six decades and is dedicated to setting the standard in Whatcom County for quality remodeling, repairs, green building, and beautiful design.

Current owners Rick Dubrow and Cindi Landreth have created a working culture and environment that according to many employees truly honors the definition of meaningful employment. They have worked hard to provide exceptional benefits for all employees, and now on their way to retirement, Rick and Cindi are in the process of selling their entire business to eligible staff, making this worker-owned cooperative a business that will continue to support the many individuals that run it for years to come.

With around 17 full-time employees, the owners have created a working environment that provides staff with the skills and experiences that allow them to head home every day as happy humans. Their staff were excited to share a few words about the owners:

“Rick and Cindi qualify as two of the most genuine people I have ever met. Warm smiles and laughter throughout the office make for an unusual, and most appreciated atmosphere for a bunch of goofy construction workers. The environment they have created permeates the culture of the business, and encourages everyone to be their best selves.”

Another employee stated, “Rick and Cindi have shown me only kindness and professionalism since my employment there. It is easy for me to say that A1 Builders & Adaptations is the best company I have ever worked for.“

And finally, “They’re awesome people, integrity through and through for both of them. They have created an elevated work culture that takes into account crazy ideas like triple bottom line thinking, heartfelt communication, transparency, and honesty. They have evolved from ‘bosses’ to exceptional leaders in the time that I have known them. They have changed and evolved only for the better as the years have accumulated. I’m really proud to call them my friends.”

Big congratulations to A-1 Builders & Adaptations Design Studio, we’re excited to see this business transform into a cooperative, and know they will continue to be a successful and amazing local business.


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