About Us


Sustainable Connections advances a regenerative local economy that builds community, strengthens food systems, catalyzes climate solutions, and expands access to housing in NW Washington.


We envision a region of informed and engaged communities where all people have access to fresh local food, live in affordable and healthy housing, make a living doing what they love, and have the lightest possible impact on the environment. We make this vision a reality by leading the transition to a regenerative local economy. Regenerative economies move away from extractive business models and work in harmony with nature and society to foster ecological restoration, community resilience, and social equity.

2022 Annual Report

Community First

For much of our history, our focus on strategies with locally-owned businesses at the core has been essential and incredibly effective. Owners and key staff have shown us over and over again that they are inspired and capable of leading and operating their businesses with community, economic, and environmental impacts in mind. Read the stories of five local businesses that made strides in 2022 and will continue to inspire our community for years to come.   

Our History