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About Us



We create thriving communities through innovative ideas, collaboration, and action.

A World of thriving communities.

What Is Thriving?

Thriving is a condition beyond mere survival, implying growth and positive development.

Our Values

Sustainability • Diversity • Innovation • Cooperation • Positivity • Inclusion • Creativity • Adaptability • Resourcefulness

Innovative Ideas

The best ideas are often generated from within the communities where we work. We take stock of community needs and opportunities in the Pacific Northwest, create leading edge strategies, and build impactful plans with our partners that can be replicated in other regions.


Lasting results are achieved by working with a variety of partners who share our vision of thriving communities. We maximize our impact by working with:
• Local businesses
• Government agencies
• Nonprofits
• Community members
• Civic leaders


Innovative ideas are meant to be implemented. These ideas, plans, and partners come together to produce lasting results for happier, healthier people. More quality jobs, growing businesses, clean environments, and reduced pollution provide communities the opportunity to thrive.

2020 Annual Report

Stronger Together

Collaboration is at the core of our mission. We rely on the expertise and resources of many different organizations, businesses, government agencies, health care professionals, and community leaders. In every program, we solicit input and share ideas locally, nationally, and internationally. This year was no different…

Our History