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Sponsorship opportunities


Why partner with Sustainable Connections?

We are invested in creating a thriving community that works for all, that’s why we work with local businesses, city agencies, and partner organizations like yours!

We love Whatcom County as much as you do!

We love living in a thriving, collaborative community where local businesses are prosperous and contribute to a healthy environment and the well-being of all.

Our Marketing Reach

Managing and promoting campaigns and events enables us to reach the community through:

  • Email newsletters (total subscribers = 16,000+)
  • Social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • Press releases (sent to 200+ local and regional contacts)
  • Relationships with local news outlets
  • Website promotions (160,000+ page views annually)
  • Printed promotional materials, signs, and banners.

Sustainable Connections is a 501(c)(3) organization and your contribution is tax-deductible.


Program Areas and Opportunities:

Support the community you love! The Think Local First program enhances the livability of our community, the stability and diversity of our local economy, and the retention and expansion of independent, Northwest Washington-owned businesses by increasing awareness about the personal, community, and economic benefits of choosing local first.

Contact Amy Vergillo for more information.

We come from the perspective that we’re all on a journey towards greater sustainability. We are proud to support our community with their zero waste goals through our Toward Zero Waste program.

Contact Rose Lathrop for more information about sponsoring projects such as Squatch Food Waste, Where To Go With To-Go, and more!

Most commonly known as the mojo behind the Community Energy Challenge for businesses, the Energy Efficiency & Renewables program works to facilitate a local economy powered by the efficient use of clean, renewable, and secure energy.

Contact Rose Lathrop for more information.

The Green Building & Smart Growth program promotes healthy, durable, efficient, and environmentally responsible homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces through education, technical assistance, and advocacy.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available for the Whatcom Housing Alliance.

Contact Rose Lathrop for more information.

The Food & Farming program supports new farmers, connects eaters and food buyers to local farms and fishers, and is a resource for building a vibrant local food economy.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the following Food & Farming events, programs, or projects:

New Farmer Training – Local
New Farmer Training – Retail
Washington Food & Farm Finder

Contact Alex Smith for more information on New Farmer Training (Local + Retail) Sponsorship and Maressa Valliant for more information on Washington Food & Farm Finder Sponsorship.