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You decide what membership rate suits your business best. We base our member rates on annual revenue so that entrepreneurs of any size or industry can join, reap the benefits of our network, and help us work towards a thriving local economy together.

  • Free listing and logo exposure in our Online Business Directory
  • Use of the Sustainable Connections name and logo for your business cards, shelf tags, advertisements, website, and fleet vehicles. Being apart of a network of like-minded businesses is valuable!
  • Automatic inclusion in the Think Local First Campaign Independents Month in July, Buy Local For The Holidays in November-December and plenty of fun display materials, public promotion, and festive marketing throughout the year!
  • Inclusion and discounted rates for printed and distributed Publications
  • Free or discounted Registration or Participation in Workshops, Conferences & Events; Farm To Table Trade Meeting, CSA Sign Up Help, Home & Landscape Tour, Towards Zero Waste Workshops, Eat Local Month, Whatcom County Farm Tour, and many more!

  • Sustainable Connections monthly Program newsletters to targeted audiences depending on your industry and reach
    • Sustainable Connections News & Events
    • Eat Local First
    • Green Building & Smart Growth
    • Sustainable Business Practices
    • Live Local News
    • Energy Efficiency & Renewables (quarterly)
  • Sustainable Business Practices We can help your business and your employees be more sustainable, save money, reduce impact, and draw customers!
    • Toward Zero Waste
      Reduce landfill waste, while increasing re-use, recycling, and purchasing of environmentally preferable products. Learn more about education, promotion materials, and how to get a FREE waste audit.
    • Community Energy Challenge
      Improve energy efficiency in your business and employees homes with this program that provides a detailed report of energy use, full assessment, facility action plan, assistance with rebates, financing options, and quarterly progress updates.
    • Eat Local First & Farm Fresh Workplaces
      Food buying businesses can take the Eat Local First Pledge to purchase more of their food from local farmers and producers. Resources, assistance, and promotions included! And all businesses and their employees can have fresh, nutritious food delivered right to their workplace spring-fall by signing up for a Workplace Community Supported Agriculture share.
    • Quick Impact Assessment
      The Quick Impact Assessment is a FREE online tool that helps businesses refine their sustainability efforts. This assessment provides a baseline and direction for how you can improve your business’ impact in the future.  This tool is brought to you by  B Lab; a non-profit organization dedicated to using the power of business as a force for good, BALLE; Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, represents thousands of communities and conveners, entrepreneurs, investors, and funders who are defying “business as usual”; and Sustainable Connections!

Business Member Options


Based on your annual revenue

Under $50,000                $190—12 months   

$50,000 – $250,000       $275—12 months 

$250,000 – $500,000     $385—12 months       

$500,000 – $1 million     $495—12 months    

Over $1 million                 $595—12 months    


$1,200 (or $100/month—12 months)

For a higher rate of business membership, Sustaining Members are promoted (and thoroughly thanked!) in our directories, newsletters, website, and at all our general member events.  Additionally, they receive 1 free entry annual to any workshop or specific events. They also receive an exclusive invite to ‘Thousands of Thanks’ our celebration for members who have given $1200 or more to Sustainable Connections. Finally, Sustaining Members have the satisfaction of knowing how much they have truly contributed to the development of this important organization and all its efforts to improve our community.


Based on your annual operating budget:

Under $50,000                     $150—12 months    

$50,000 – $250,000            $220—12 months   

$250,000 – $500,000          $310—12 months   

$500,000 – $1 million          $400—12 months   

Over $1 million                       $475—12 months   


We welcome businesses that are not locally owned as Business Partners, but do not promote them in our Think Local First campaign due to the purchasing power and marketing resources that are typically available to larger businesses. Partner Businesses receive all member benefits except those that apply to the Think Local First Campaign. Please email us to get started!

1 to 24 Full Time Employees         $125—12 months  

25 to 100 Full Time Employees     $550—12 months  

100+ Full Time Employees             $1100—12 months  



Annual membership is available if you can answer “Yes” to all of the following questions:

  1. Is your business privately held?
  2. Does 50% or more of your ownership live in Whatcom County (or surrounding counties)?
  3. Is your business registered in the state of Washington, and does your corporate or national headquarters lie inside Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan or Island Counties?
  4. Do you have full autonomy to make your own independent decisions regarding your unique business and it’s purchasing, operations and distribution, as well as the name and look of your business?
  5. Do you pay all your own marketing, rent and other business expenses without assistance from, or payment to, a corporate headquarters?

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, we encourage your involvement as a Partner of Sustainable Connections.

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