Local Champions

Hoist Your Glass!

Times like these, when it seems like the solutions and motivations to make changes are slim, are exactly when awards and recognition help keep us keeping on. I do my best to be a realist and also an optimist, and I still hold out hope that we can do better.

Oak Meadows Farm

Healing the soil with happy animals By Alex Smith May 2019   One of the top challenges you'll hear about in agriculture, and for our world, is topsoil. This component of the Earth enables essentially all terrestrial plant life to exist. And without plant life,...


How is a nun from the 1880s and Bellingham’s local food scene connected? We’ll tell ya! Click through to learn how PeaceHealth set the stage for taking care of overall community health and wellbeing, and what that means for some of our local farmers today.

Bellingham Technical College

Let Your Tastebuds Travel the World with BTC Culinary Students! BTC is a Bellingham gem that is serving affordable and delicious local fare for a good cause.

Twin Cedars Farm

Meet Twin Cedars Farm, totally dedicated to sustainable agriculture and growing delicious local food. “We start with the seeds, and decide what to grow based on flavor and cooking performance,” he says. “From there it’s a matter of making sure the soil has the right nutrients to produce a good final product…”

Make Your Shot Count!

By Mark Peterson It’s no secret that I get a lot of joy out of the game of soccer. There are so many facets to the “beautiful game” that keep me enthralled as a referee, a soccer parent, and fan. I love the fluidity of the game that flows with relatively few stops in...

Lost Giants Cider Co.

For the love of all things Bellingham… you need to get to know Lost Giants Cider Co. Pull up a chair and get to know friends and co-owners Chris Noskoff, Brad Wilske, and Abe Ebert.

2018 Sustainability Champion Lifetime Achievement Award

Sue Sharpe    The Lifetime Achievement award is given to a local business leader that has taken action to strengthen our community while also representing the principles Sustainable Connections stands for. Sue Sharpe has been an inspiring leader and has committed...

2018 Sustainable Business Development Sustainability Champion

Mount Baker Care Center has been early adopters of many sustainability practices. From local purchasing to waste reduction they do it all. They currently divert over 80% of their waste from landfill and were the first participant in our Food Recovery Initiative!

2018 Green Building & Smart Growth Sustainability Champion

RMC Architects are strong supporters of affordable housing for all, and key collaborators for a variety of important housing projects. They are dedicated to helping create thriving local communities right here in Whatcom County.

2018 Think Local First Sustainability Champion

Not only does ideal support local artists and craftspeople but they collaborate with a variety of local businesses, nonprofits, and students. They are dedicated sustainability stewards and are active participants in the Toward Zero Waste program.