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Abilitrek Launches Accessibility Certification Program

Help create a more accessible world By Kyann Flint June 2019 Established in 2016 by Daman Wandke, AbiliTrek is disability-owned and operated with the mission of improving accessibility so people can trek without boundaries. AbiliTrek offers a search and review...

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Home Farm UPick & Events

Daniel Burdick grew up on a farm in Connecticut and has always wanted to return to his roots. Starting a farm was a chance to reconnect to the land and the community. He wants people to know that his family values transparency with community above all else, noting that “our farm is their farm.”

Pride in Learning

This in turn reinvigorates me in all aspects of the Toward Zero Waste work we do at Sustainable Connections including the stinky and slightly gross waste audits.

Farmers Markets

Capture the bounty of the Summer and meet your local farmers! Summer is nearly here and with that comes the bounty of local farms! Farmers markets are a great way to get your hands on local produce, meat, eggs, and craft goods, as well as meet the people growing your...

Pure Bliss Desserts

Pure Bliss Desserts is giving a wonderful gift to the community: tasty treats made with integrity and love.

Hoist Your Glass!

Times like these, when it seems like the solutions and motivations to make changes are slim, are exactly when awards and recognition help keep us keeping on. I do my best to be a realist and also an optimist, and I still hold out hope that we can do better.

Oak Meadows Farm

Healing the soil with happy animals By Alex Smith May 2019   One of the top challenges you'll hear about in agriculture, and for our world, is topsoil. This component of the Earth enables essentially all terrestrial plant life to exist. And without plant life,...


How is a nun from the 1880s and Bellingham’s local food scene connected? We’ll tell ya! Click through to learn how PeaceHealth set the stage for taking care of overall community health and wellbeing, and what that means for some of our local farmers today.

Bellingham Technical College

Let Your Tastebuds Travel the World with BTC Culinary Students! BTC is a Bellingham gem that is serving affordable and delicious local fare for a good cause.