There are infinite ways to celebrate Mother’s Day – as many ways as there are kinds of mothers, in fact. This Mother’s Day, Sasquatch wants to highlight all the opportunities to honor mothers, maternal figures, and Mother Earth too, of course! 

Sasquatch’s mom lives deep in the Mount Baker Wilderness, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t enjoy delicious treats from civilization. That’s why Sasquatch is selecting the Gimme Some Sugar Gift Box from local business Madrona Gifts. Madrona Gifts is chock(olate) full of local, sustainable gift boxes for the mama-figures in your life. 

Flowers are a classic Mother’s Day offering as well. And while Sasquatch’s mom loves gathering bouquets of sword ferns and cedar boughs, Sasquatch has something a little different in mind this year. They’ll be ordering gorgeous bouquets from two local florists, Humble Bouquet and Pozie by Natalie.

Photo credit: Madrona Gifts

Photo credit: Hawthorn Kitchen

Sasquatch wants to find a way to celebrate their mom and their Mama Earth, so they’ll also be ordering a weekly subscription from Hawthorn Kitchen, a local, organic, zero-waste meal prep delivery service. While Sasquatch’s mom loves foraging for wild edibles, she also loves the delicious meals that Hawthorn Kitchen’s chef, Lynx, prepares with love and ethical sourcing. 

Sasquatch’s mom prefers not to bathe, but Sasquatch has plenty of local friends who have supported, nourished, and cared for them throughout their life. For these mama-figures, Sasquatch will be gifting natural skincare and self-devotion products from local business MW Soapworks. Sasquatch can think of quite a few folks who would love the Black Mission Fig Soap Bar

And of course, Sasquatch has so much love and appreciation for our shared mother a.k.a. Planet Earth. That’s why this Mother’s Day, Sasquatch will be making a stop at Pumped Bellingham, a local zero-waste inspired shop that offers everyday household essentials that help people find the balance between sustainability and affordability.

While Sasquatch’s mom isn’t into personal hygiene or household essentials, she loves adventures. Sasquatch plans to give her a voucher to Lockbreaker Escapes, a local escape room where the two of them can use their wits to escape – and have fun in the process. 

Photo credit: Pumped Bellingham

And of course, there’s nothing quite like a Think Local First gift card for a special occasion. After all, it can be redeemed at over 270 local businesses – truly something for everyone. 

This Mother’s Day, express your care and appreciation with a little extra local love! Head to for more inspiration.

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