Wild Bird Chalet

Open to wildlife lovers of all levels! The Wild Bird Chalet has all you need to entice the local wildlife into your backyard, from a variety of bird houses, bird and squirrel feeders (as well as squirrel proof feeders) books, art, puzzles, gifts, bulk seed, feed, and yard decorations. You name it, there are lots of easy ways to entice the local wildlife, bees, birds and bugs. Stop in to chat with Valeri or Patrice to get started.

We interviewed owner Valeri Wade to give you a chance to get to know her a little better and get the inside scoop on one of the best local wildlife stores! 

Refillable Bird Feed - Wild Bird Chalet

Refillable & Bulk Bird Feed


Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I have a variety of interests. There’s not nearly enough time to experience all that I’d like. I’m a painter whose favorite subject is animals. I love to hike and think we live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I’m usually reading half a dozen books at once. One of the most valuable qualities I’ve cultivated is persistence. And I love to laugh!


What inspired you to start the Wild Bird Chalet? Tell us the story.
I was a customer of the original owner. He approached me about buying the business. I liked the idea of combining my environmental education degree, nursery experience and enjoyment of birds. Ten years later I can say It’s been a great time!

Valeri showing her favorite Humming Bird Feeders

Valeri showing her favorite Humming Bird Feeders

What values drive your business?
Participation in community is very important to the Wild Bird Chalet. We give free advice based on our many years of experience.  We take into account all the inhabitants of our area, whether they fly, swim, crawl, walk or simply grow in one place. We truly care about what we do. Kindness is important. 


What makes your business so unique?
We try to maximize what we give and minimize what we take. We have great American made stuff and we care about our customers.


Windchimes- Wild Bird Chalet

Find beautiful yard decor, local art, and gifts in store

What’s one important thing to you that you want the community to know about you or Wild Bird Chalet?
Watching birds is a wonderful activity for those who aren’t getting around very much. Seeing lots of liveliness at the feeders keeps the brain active and relieves boredom. We tailor packages to individual needs and abilities. Our specialty is fresh, appropriate food for our local birds. 


How would you describe Wild Bird Chalet In 1 or 2 words?
Habit forming

Spring is almost here, what’s a fun action item for amateur or yet-to-be-discovered bird and bee lovers to do now to make the most out of the next few months?
Check out Orchard Mason Bees. We sell them live. They’re the best fruit tree pollinators! These gentle, hard working bees are quite beautiful; If you look closely you’ll see iridescent greens, blues, and golds.

Also get ready for Rufous Hummingbirds to show up. Remember to use white cane sugar for their nectar! No organic sugar, because it contains iron, which is toxic to hummingbirds. And change the nectar every 3-5 days.


Valeri with feed - Wild Bird Chalet

Valeri will even help load your car with bulk bird feed!

How can people best find you and interact with your business?
Located at 108 Ohio St, on the corner of Cornwall, across from Bellingham High School, we’re open Monday-Friday 10am to 5:30pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm. Stop by, call (360) 734-0969 or email  sales@wildbirdchalet.com with any questions.



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