Boldly Grown Farm8855 Ershig Road Bow WA, 98232

(360) 330- 4516

Boldly Grown Farm is a certified organic family farm in Skagit Valley, WA. Established in 2015 by Amy Frye & Jacob Slosberg, we focus on wholesale production of fall and winter storage crops to provide our region with high quality, local, organic vegetables during the winter months. Specialties include radicchio, winter squash, hardy greens, watermelon & daikon radishes, beets, carrots, cabbage and more.

Our Winter CSA program is a unique opportunity to receive a regular supply of veggies during the typical off-season. This CSA runs from November-March in Seattle, Skagit & Bellingham and features a variety of staple and specialty items, including value-added products. Our self-service farm stand is open daily year-round, offering a wide variety of seasonal produce and other local goods including bread, cheese, honey, fermented foods, chocolate, pasta, and more.

Farm Stand Hours:
Spring/Summer hours: 9am-dusk
Fall/Winter hours: 9am-7pm
Payment methods accepted: Cash, check, Venmo, EBT (with prior arrangement)

Growing Methods:
Boldly Grown Farm is certified organic. We grow our crops without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We use cover cropping and crop rotations to improve soil fertility, build organic matter, and manage diseases. We control pests by providing habitat for beneficial insects, scheduled monitoring, and organic inputs when necessary. Weeds are managed through tractor cultivation and hand weeding.


Sustainable Practices: UDSA Certified Organic; Salmon-Safe Certified

Sales Methods: In-Store;Wholesale;Other

Neighborhood: Bow-Edison

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