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If you’re a new member

We’re so excited to have you join our local movement and network of amazing businesses. Keep an eye on your mailbox(es) we’ve sent you a ‘Welcome to Sustainable Connections‘ email and we’ll snail mail you a New Member Packet.

If you’re a renewing member

It’s official! We like you a whole bunch too, and can’t wait for another year of highlighting all you do and working together to make our community the best place to live, work and play.

Now’s a good time to


Search for your business, double check your description, contact info and logo. Please email changes, new logos or questions to membership@sustainableconnections.org

*Please allow 24 hours for updates, changes, or additions.


If you’re a food or farming business, please add or check your contact info, description, address and logo on our Food Atlas at eatlocalfirst.org. We are working on syncing both directories together, but right now they are separate. 


We don’t want you to miss out! Email outreach makes up about 90% of our outreach for member benefits, the other 10% is often phone calls, sometimes mailed flyers or dropping by your shop in person. 


We include a link to our member events calendar in monthly program newsletters, and we’ll share your business announcements on social media and in newsletters accordingly.


Let’s Get Connected!