What is the core? Strengthening with sit ups won’t cut it.

Movement starts at the center of the body and not from the arms and legs. Understanding how to activate and stabilize from the core will allow for better movement preparation, and better stabilization during exercise, while reducing the likelihood of injury through the process.

Join us June 14th, from 6-8pm, for the last presentation of a 4-part series teaching you the simple basics of assessing and treating your body. The body is dynamic and changes from time to time. More time is wasted searching the internet for information on why something hurts. Come to your trusted source for accurate, research-based, information to keep you healthy.

Learning Objectives:
Understand how the concept of the “Core” has evolved
Define what Pillar Strength is and Identify the components of it and their function
Explain the concept of kinetic chain and explain its application
Explain where Pillar Prep fits into your workout plan
Understand how to prepare the Pillar for optimal performance

Sign up:
Early bird pricing is $79 until Monday, June 6. After that, the normal price will be $97.
If you can’t attend in-person or live on Zoom, register and pay and we’ll send you a recording to watch when it’s convenient.

Thanks so much for being invested in your health!

Kerry Gustafson, LAT, ATC, LMT

https://primebellingham.punchpass.com/classes/10536837 (In Person)
https://primebellingham.punchpass.com/classes/10536838 (Online)

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