Spend 2 quality hours with Kerry Gustafson, owner of Prime Sports Institute, for the 3rd part of our 4-part education series: Basics of Low Back, Hips, and Knee Health.

Hip anatomy and injuries can be extremely complex. Add the lumbar spine to that, and this low back and hip region can be a perpetual frustration to many.

You will learn to have an appreciation and understanding of the anatomy of the lumbar spine and hips, how to reduce the risk of pain and injury to low back and hips, and leave with practical screening methods to optimize your low back and hip health.

https://primebellingham.punchpass.com/classes/10536835 (in person)
https://primebellingham.punchpass.com/classes/10536836 (online)

Prime Sports Institute
1704 North State Street, Bellingham, WA, 98226