Bellingham Beer Week 2018

Bellingham Beer Week 2018 will be nine days of world class craft beer and events all nestled in a picturesque bayside town. Islands to the west. Mountains to the east. Beer, right smack dab in the middle. Bellingham, WA is the hottest BeerTown in the US with 13 breweries and more on the way (hint hint.) Our craft beer bars offer masterfully curated tap lists from the best breweries around the region and the world.

Our local breweries are putting their best foot forward, so grab your friends and join us. We’ll also be joined by some amazing regional breweries throughout the week. There will be so much beer that a week wasn’t long enough…we’re not even sure 9 days will be.

It all begins on April 20th and winds its way through 9 incredible days. Any good beer week ends with a beer festival and we’ll celebrate the end of BBW18 at April Brews Day 2018 on Saturday, April 28th. Bellingham Beer Week is run by Bellingham’s craft beer media company, Tap Trail, so be sure to follow us there for more updates.

If you’re traveling from out of town, checkout our local hotels for incredible rooms. We’ll have details on our partner hotels soon.

We like surprises – the brand new BBW18 website hits soon!

If you want to get involved, head here: