A community workshop to explore creative housing solutions


Join the Happy Valley Neighborhood Association and Sustainable Connections to explore how we can provide accessible, affordable housing and have a happy neighborhood.

Building off last year’s Yes! In my Back Yard Event, Build Small Live Large aims to take the conversation around expanding housing choices for people of all incomes to the next level. Now more than ever, people are looking to live in walkable neighborhoods that are near jobs, transit, and services. Demand on the housing market is increasingly making these places inaccessible for many. On April 14th, we’ll explore how we can provide accessible, affordable housing while also building vibrant, happy neighborhoods.

Thank you to the Whatcom Community Foundation’s Project Neighborly for their support and funding, this project wouldn’t have happened without it!


 The Lineup!

Free Lunch and Refreshments Provided



Margaret Morales


Margaret is a senior research associate and policy analyst at the Sightline Institute. Margaret will be speaking to the benefits of building small and living large, and the value of integrating “gentle density” as Bellingham grows.  Her presentation is titled: The power of small: how small policies add up to big rewards in the housing market. 



Build Small Live Large Happy Valley

Join us the for the debut screening of Eero Johnson & EJ Visuals short video that documents living examples of residents in Happy Valley who have already gone small and are reaping the rewards!


Building Our Collective Intelligence

Your voice is essential! Join a community discussion, facilitated by Daimon Sweeney, on how we can design & build small. We will pour over current examples in Bellingham and Happy Valley and leave with action items in hand.


Ten By Ten

10 slides in 10 minutes

Six presenters will explore how we can provide accessible, affordable housing while also building vibrant, happy neighborhoods.


Special Shoulder Event!

BAAY Presents Us & Them
Firehouse Performing Arts Center
Friday, April 13, 7pm

It’s not a musical, it’s something entirely different. Ian Bivins brings his masterful physical approach to storytelling to this human drama of what brings us together and what keeps us apart. No registration, just show up early! It’s a small space so plan on getting there early if you’d like a seat.

Thank you to our event sponsors!