Cinco do Mayo Blind Tasting
Saturday 2-4 pm.

May 5, 2018

Diane and I thought what better a way to celebrate Cinco do Mayo than to tease you with a blind tasting.

Siefert & Jones will be pouring 4 wines that have something in common. It’s your job to try to figure out what the connection is. Maybe they are all examples of one varietal. Maybe just one producer. If you have never tasted wine “blind” ( Yep. In a brown paper bag), it gives you great perspective on what you are tasting. Don’t pick wine by the label. After taking away all the marketing “BS”, it comes down to just one thing. Do you like it?

Now this is all in fun. Not a test by any means. You will not be graded.

Come down and explore your palate.

Saturday, May 5th. 2-4 pm. No fee tasting.

Seifert & Jones Wine Merchants
19 Prospect Street, Bellingham, WA