From dairies to berries and pigs to mushrooms & veggies, join us on this 20-mile family-friendly bike ride to meet and share with local farmers. For centuries, agriculture has been the backbone of the Whatcom County economy. With more than 100,000 acres of fertile Pacific Northwest farmland, Whatcom County ranks in the top 3% of farm production in the US! Traveling the rural roads around Everson we will visit farms, learn about the ecological factors that affect food quality and how we preserve and conserve our farmland. This Edible Everson tour includes a lunch of locally sourced, hot handcrafted meat/veggie pies and an on-farm BBQ dinner at Alluvial Farms!

Trip Highlights
Tour the scenic backroads of rural Whatcom County
Visit: Alluvial Farms; pasture-raised pork and agricultural conservation
Visit: Cloud Mountain Farm: nursery, fruit, and new farmer training center
Visit: An operating dairy and rotating mix of local farms (berries, mushrooms, vegetables)
Learn about soil and water quality, and how we can protect and conserve our rich agricultural land and cultural heritage
Travel with experienced, fun-loving guides and meet a cross-section of ag professionals
Sample the bounty of our ag production – from Farm to Table!
Picnic Lunch w/ Meat or Vegetable Pies crafted from local ingredients
Savor an on-farm BBQ with the owners of Alluvial Farms

Edible Everson – Farm to Table Bicycle Tour

Alluvial Farms
6825 Goodwin Rd., Everson, WA, 98247