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First Wednesdays March through May

Hear from local business owners and experts on relevant topics to utilize in your everyday work.  Half speed networking half presentation.

Wednesday, April 4th
Sustainable Connections Office
1701 Ellis St. Suite 221


Accounting for Sustainability Using Quickbooks

Sustainability reporting is an important tool that helps businesses maintain and increase their value by reporting their economic, environmental and social positive or negative impacts.

To complement our Smart Business Summit in January 2018, we’re bringing Chris McGee, owner and business counselor of Business Support Services NW in for a workshop on how to utilize Quickbooks software and other tracking methods to account for Sustainability factors at your workplace.

Learn the basics, hear from other local businesses, see examples and get inspired!
Why Report on Sustainability? Improving your businesses’ overall sustainability creates positive transparency with your customers, employees and investors. It can improve risk management, give you a competitive advantage in a growing market and boost both employee recruitment and retention.

Examples of Sustainability Factors are:

  • Tracking dollars spend geographically–more money spent in Whatcom County strengthens our economy
  • Tracking how much waste your business produces– tout your zero waste practices or see where you could save or reduce specific streams.
  • Tracking energy use at your workplace
  • Tracking community building, volunteer hours, donations and involvement
  • Tracking employee recruitment, engagement and retention

Join us at Sustainable Connections, grab some delicious local lunch. Coffee and tea on us!

This networking is FREE for members, and just $10 for non-members.

Doors open at 11:50am


*Flyers, business cards and reusable mugs encouraged*

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Register Online or RSVP to two days before lunch to make sure we provide enough delicious food and seats.

Questions? Email Becca or call (360) 647-7093 x106

Sustainable Connections
1701 Ellis St. Suite 221, Bellingham, WA, 98225