Come for the networking; leave with experience!

First Wednesdays, March through May

Hear from local business owners and experts on relevant topics to utilize in your everyday work.  Half speed networking, half presentation.

Wednesday, May 2nd
Sustainable Connections Office
1701 Ellis St. Suite 221

Do It Yourself Vendor/Display Booth w/ The RE Store


Are you a non-profit that tables throughout the year for outreach? Are you a budding farmer needing to beef up your display at the market? Maybe a retailer or local artist hosting a booth at an upcoming show? Or simply a local entrepreneur curious about your beautiful display options? Then this lunch is for you!

Join RE Store outreach master, Samantha Hale, for a presentation of inspiration, examples, and the how-tos of getting started on creating a booth. See dazzling examples of local display booths in real life and photos, and learn about your best options for resources, help, and materials.

Leave with a gift certificate to the RE Store to get started on your very own display and ask for personal advice from the experts themselves.

Join us at Sustainable Connections, and grab some delicious local lunch. Coffee and tea on us!

This event is FREE for members, and just $10 for non-members.

Doors open at 11:50am

*Flyers, business cards, and reusable mugs encouraged*

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Register Online or RSVP to two days before lunch to make sure we provide enough delicious food and seats.

Questions? Email Becca or call (360) 647-7093 x106

Sustainable Connections
1701 Ellis St. Suite 221, Bellingham, WA, 98225