What is the buzz all about surrounding blood flow restriction training (BFR)?
You should be asking yourself that as a health professional. With almost 200 peer-reviewed articles in the scientific literature the efficacy and safety cannot be denied.

By applying proper BFR techniques to exercising limbs you can:

Increase strength
Increase hypertrophy
Increase VO2 Max
BFR is the act of safely restricting venous blood flow from a working muscle, but allowing arterial blood flow to that working muscle. This is done primarily with low intensity resistance training. Since the ability of that blood to escape is dramatically reduced, metabolic stress and cellular swelling are greatly increased.

So what does this mean for you the health professional?

Drastically improve your patients’ post-surgical recovery time
Treat muscle atrophy in both acute and chronic pain patients
Use as accessory work into your client programming for less stress on joints and tendons
Increase your endurance athlete’s VO2 Max with as little as 2x/week BFR training
Separate yourself from other clinicians by performing the latest, evidenced-based rehab/exercise program
This course will cover:

The wide range of benefits of BFR training
Contraindications to BFR and when and where it should be applied
How to safely screen and assess your patient/client prior to BFR
How to safely apply BFR cuffs for the upper and lower extremity
Compare and contrast different uses of BFR from bed ridden to athletic performance training
Develop and devise a rehab program for your patients and clients
Want help your patients and clients safely and effectively reach their goals? Come check out this 1-day BFR certification course and revolutionize your practice and training program.


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