Want skills to deal with a difficult co-parent? Feeling frustrated? Looking to improve communication with your ex? Then join us for our next Managing Conflict As A Co-Parent workshop! In this engaging and informative workshop, participants will build skills to manage emotions, be heard, communicate effectively, & reduce co-parenting conflicts.

Participants will learn how to:
• Identify stresses and triggers
• Appropriately manage anger
• Effectively use a variety of conflict strategies
• Express needs in an assertive, interest-based manner
• Promote healthy communication techniques
The workshop will assist individuals to manage conflict in their lives safely and productively.

“Hearing the trainers say that a divorced family isn’t a broken family, it’s just a reorganized family was music to my ears.”
— Past Parenting Class Participant
Course Fee: $25
Tuesday, February 6th, 4:00pm-7:00pm
To register, contact (360) 676-0122 or training@whatcomdrc.org. Or, register online at https://www.whatcomdrc.org/coparentingworkshop/

Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center
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