Our 31st Annual Native Plant Sale will be on March 16th at Pioneer Park in Ferndale, along with online pre-ordering! To make your pre-order before March 1st, or to learn more visit our website: www.whatcomcd.org/native-plant-sale.

Our in-person sale will include exhibitors and vendors from across Whatcom County, plus plants for purchase! Planting native trees and shrubs can provide many positive benefits to your property and the natural environment such as improved water quality, enhanced fish and wildlife habitat, reduction of wind and soil erosion, cleaner air, reduction of energy costs, and beautification of your property! This sale is a great opportunity to purchase low cost native plants and to get them in the ground before the growing season begins. Experienced conservationists will be available to answer your native plant questions.

Pioneer Park
2004 Cherry Street, Ferndale, Wa, 98248