It’s the cutest shopping expurrience around!

NEKO Cat Cafe’s Pawliday MarCat is back in the Bellingham Cat Room with 6+ local makers & artists! With the help of 20+ feline purrsonal shoppers from NEKO’s pride of adoptable kitties: you can grab a drink, stock up on unique purresents, and get some kitty snuggles in the purrocess!

Each kitty shopping session is 45 minutes of purrfection! Makers Include: Gaudy by Nature Goods, Shelby Graffics, Hoag Road Maker Co, Evergreen Essential Co, Seawitch Botanicals, Garden of Maya, & more!

Tickets are required, so don’t furget to reserve in NEKO’s online store:

NEKO Cat Cafe: Bellingham
1130 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham, WA, 98225