Learn more about Bellingham Pollinator: https://www.spikeofalltrades.com/installations.html

In each month of 2024, I will be installing 100 small works of art in different spaces in Bellingham in order to provoke thought, conversation, and a feeling of community to people who happen to wander through.

I am on the precipice of installing my first work, Pollination Stones, in Whatcom Falls Park in mid-January. Dressed as a large Bumble Bee, I will walk around the park placing small hand-made ceramic pollinator stones along the paths. The stones are decorated with many colors as well as images of pollinators and industrial symbols. With this work, I am hoping to inspire thought, conversation, and community around how we treat ourselves, the planet, and the creatures which depend upon its health to sustain.

This is about how we are trained to see ourselves as consumers, and in so doing, trained to treat the planet and its creatures as nothing more than a commodity to be consumed. There will be no saving our human race if we do not see unbridled consumption for what it is: nothing more than an act of parasitic indulgence at the cost of our volatile host (Earth).

Whatcom Falls Park
1401 Electric Ave, Bellingham, WA, 98229